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See It So ® was founded in 2002 by author Carolyn Ann Good to offer early learning educational stories in a variety of media simultaneously. Our approach is based on extensive research and input from leading educators. Our reading and video/resource library offers a detailed list of resources.

See It So ® encourages children to embrace their opportunities, gifts, and responsibilities as stewards of our sweet home Mother Earth. We believe children exposed to nature and an awareness of the whole "Web of Life" contribute to a healthier environment and a happier, healthier, more well-balanced individual.

Our first product was the interactive animated video, Samson and D’Lilacs, which contains learning activities that use each of the categories of Multiple Intelligences and includes lesson plans for parents and educators.

Samson’s Nature Adventure Series, a series of early learning books, is currently the primary focus of our print division, though stories for teens as well as other early learning stories are in the works as well.

Why Storytelling?

Young children learn some of their most important pre-reading skills while listening to stories, including listening, patience, vocabulary comprehension and development of attention span. Emotional identification with the characters develops critical abilities for reading, learning, and attention levels in general. The psychological benefits of gentle nurturing and narrative, captivating visual worlds, and fantasy promote empathy and wonder. With the frequent over-stimulation from other fast-paced media, sharing such time in an affectionate environment provides a valuable balance.

Eco-camps and radio extend stories

See It So ® is developing family-oriented eco-camps in Oregon and Washington to further avail children of opportunities for holistic and environmental education. These camps extend the tradition of the environmental work begun in 1952, by conservation forestry pioneer Vernon Good and carried on by his family in the years since. The educational programs will be designed and taught in conjunction with several natural sciences groups, including as the World Forestry Center in Portland, Oregon. See It So ® is also trademarked in radio programming to broaden the reach of the storytelling experience, further develop imagination, and provide a further forum for discussion of educational, parenting and child development issues.

About the Author

I come from a long lineage of “Keepers of the Earth” and was raised with infinite respect for nature where my imagination bloomed in Oregon’s wild woods. I attribute my vision and adaptability to hours upon hours in nature—with no hurry and no agenda—along with wonderful parenting. My inventiveness as a tiny pioneer was every bit as much appreciated as my intellect. I'm so grateful for those experiences.

Life has been a great series of fantastic explorations for me. The gift of mothering two amazing sons is my ongoing favorite.They have led me to dedicate my contribution to imaginative education and a restored world through nurturing our children’s joyous experiences.

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