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In Recognition of Genius; Winning a MacArthur Grant

After a lively discussion with a new friend about the loss of real physical books in our schools, as well as the fact that we no longer teach the full elemental skills of writing and math, I was preparing to blog about some of the repercussions we may face in the future. I still want […]

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The Rest of the Story

I feel like the ad for the Bose speakers where a guy in an easy chair is sitting, hanging on to the arms for dear life, hair blasting back as though he’s going somewhere at warp speed. Really, he’s only listening to to the Bose speakers being advertised. It’s such a great story without any […]

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Natural insect repellents

This is a bit long but great info in the current mosquito situation. Hope it helps. 4 Natural Mosquito Repellents to Rival DEET Aug 6th, 2012 | By Sarah | Category: DIY Health Treatments, Health | Print This Article You don’t need toxic chemicals to beat mosquitoes. While DEET-based bug sprays may be the tried-and-true […]

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Fantasy, the road to fantastic.

By now, it’s probably pretty clear that I’m an absolute fan of fantasy, imagination, and letting the mind go, so to speak, so that the heart and it’s images have room to speak to us through the logical mind. One word for that is fantasy, and I really see it as a primary tool in […]

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“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” (Ken Robinson)

Thank goodness for the awareness that there is no such thing as a blunder, only insecurity at the helm of judgements. How wonderful to be living in a time when we’re learning that those judgements can dissolve into an awareness that Life happens for us, not to us. I’m so grateful for this clear reminder […]

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One Child Speaks For All of Earth’s Children

I’ve had so many ideas, there are so many inspiring topics I want to open for discussion here. They each offer challenges, and there are always solutions. Creativity is the answer to so much in our lives, that they will often center around how our children grow in ways that continually bring the most healthy […]

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Colorado’s Tragedy is a reminder of how potent the need for each child to be honored.

Listening to a psychologist on a radio news clip regarding the recent shooting in Colorado, I was reminded of the incredible value of expressing appreciation for our children’s unique gifts. His statement regarded the total lack of validation, or sense of import in the shooter’s life, leaving him the sense that the only avenue to […]

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A great place to practice Earthing

After driving for several days I arrived in Colorado ready to regain energy. I’m grateful my house here has slate floors on ground level so that I can recharge with Earthing. I have a Youtube link if you’d like more information on the principle, but essentially the idea is to go barefoot on the earth […]

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Colorado, here I come!

Excited as I pack for a Colorado book tour. This trip will be through the Western Slope. I will keep you posted as to places and times. Please feel free to share with me any bookstores in your town that you would like to see me do a reading or book signing event. Look forward […]

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Brand new site dedicated to you sweet Reetha!

I am so gratefully for such a beautifully done website. Thank you V2G Interactive! Just as the website was born, my sweet sister Reetha, our dog of 17 years went on to a new life. I do believe that she lives on, maybe even playing in these scenes. She has been on the See it […]

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