Colorado’s Tragedy is a reminder of how potent the need for each child to be honored.

Listening to a psychologist on a radio news clip regarding the recent shooting in Colorado, I was reminded of the incredible value of expressing appreciation for our children’s unique gifts. His statement regarded the total lack of validation, or sense of import in the shooter’s life, leaving him the sense that the only avenue to recognition was the creation of an indelible event.
Though we’ve heard it before, and it doesn’t sooth the aching in our hearts, we let this be a renewed reminder of how critical it is to nurture our children’s special gifts, reminding them in our actions, affections, and words, how very special and important they are to us and the world.
My heart goes out to the victim’s and their families, and to all who ache to see these crimes cease. My deepest gratitude goes out to all who are nurturing confident caring children.

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