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Holistic Education

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” ~Unknown

Each of us is born with a complete internal guide, one which children follow naturally when given the opportunity. Our curiosity leads us to discover and experience based upon our individual interests, developing into our own perfect unique selves as we learn.

When a child is supported and allowed to follow his or her curiosity in the process of learning, that education lasts a lifetime. Children honored with freedom to pursue their own path, inquire freely, experience the consequences of their choices, and contribute to their broader world, become empowered. They naturally find what motivates them next. As they’re exposed to a full range of experiences and concepts, they bloom into the unique beings that they’re here to be.

Some strategies used to achieve these goals:

  • Educate the whole child, beginning with self-knowledge, self-respect, and self-esteem. Once these traits have been learned, a child can learn about their social and emotional relationships with others, including the resilience to resolve conflict.
  • Children are encouraged to broaden their frames of reference, referred to as transformative learning, rather than a simple transmission of ideas that may not be meaningful to them.
  • Education is approached as integrated and interconnected, replacing current concepts of fragmentation in subjects, age groups, and developmental levels. Meaningfulness to each child is understood to be the lens through which they learn. Ideally we begin by asking what the subject or experience means to them rather than telling them what it should mean. This allows children to develop from their perspective, respecting their own pace, and allowing greater creativity.
  • Much like In Multiple Intelligences, interdisciplinary inquiry, is a focal concept. This combines various disciplines, modalities of learning, and "kinds of smart" specific to each child's learning style.
  • Community is a central awareness of the "Web of Life" in holistic learning as well. Children are encouraged to think of themselves as individuals within a small family or classroom community, which is within a gradually increasing concentric set of communities. This awareness, brought on early, encourages care for the whole of which they are a part.

Through each book and interactive product parents are encouraged to stimulate critical reflective thinking and caring about their broader world by talking with the child as they read or experience. We are creating the Big Folk Notes pages, soon to be incorporated at the end of each book and online, which offer a beginning discussion with questions for the child and ideas as to what discussion may enrich the experience of each book.

This is where See It So enters the picture (pun intended).

See It So views each of our books as an opportunity to stimulate awe. Our books provide children with wonderful access to gorgeous aesthetics. As presented in Holism, the learning of aesthetics "...encourages the student to see the beauty of what is around them and learn to have awe in life". The gorgeous, vibrantly colored art of our books draws children into a broader inquiry of its subjects with inspired wonder.

Happy exploring!

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