Fantasy, the road to fantastic.

By now, it’s probably pretty clear that I’m an absolute fan of fantasy, imagination, and letting the mind go, so to speak, so that the heart and it’s images have room to speak to us through the logical mind. One word for that is fantasy, and I really see it as a primary tool in creating the fantastic. I also really love the knowledge that we have the capacity to do just that.
One of the foundations of See It So® is the great joy I take in my own belief that we each have the exciting gift of co-creating the world we experience, with the thoughts and attitudes we embrace as truths. This is an ancient belief, and now, a modern scientific fact with the awareness of quantum physics. I grew up with wonderful reminders that I was a co-designer of my own experience based on where I allowed my mind to “dwell”.
As a child I spent a great deal of time in nature. The lessons of nature were profound for me. As a four year old, falling asleep under the starry skies, I realized that the amazing, vast, expanse of infinite stars that I looked up into, could very well be what a teeny, tiny little girl in my baby toe saw, when she looked up into my body, which was to her a vast starry night’s constellation. I saw myself as a sweet, simple element of an infinite ALL IN ALL. And I loved it. I belonged. And, I was critical to the whole. Without my added teeny, tiny reflection of the whole, the world would not be the same. Thanks to a wonderful open-minded perspective of nature as a key aspect of the Divine, and a loving family environment, I valued what I had to add.
As I grew, I was always reminded that nothing, absolutely nothing, could take my divine right to joy away from me. It was mine to protect, with my thoughts and attitudes. I loved the expression “Stand porter at the gates of your thoughts”. With this beginning, I set out to let my fantasy world infuse my life with unlimited idea, and stepped onto the road to fantastic.
I hope that the stories that Samson and his fantastic friends share, will inspire you and your children as you share the road with them and rejoice in the inheritance of fantasy. May it bring you a fantastic life.

P.S. watch for Samson’s Stars, the third book in the cycle of life series in Samson’s Nature Adventure Series, coming soon.

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