“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” (Ken Robinson)

Thank goodness for the awareness that there is no such thing as a blunder, only insecurity at the helm of judgements. How wonderful to be living in a time when we’re learning that those judgements can dissolve into an awareness that Life happens for us, not to us. I’m so grateful for this clear reminder that invention and expansion in life comes from the pure courage to offer what we each feel and sense, even if it doesn’t come with credentials once deemed critical.

I’ve always valued parents and educators as unsung heroes and heroines. As we realize that a broader approach will allow for greater gifts, some educators lead the way and others adapt. Parents enter and inspire the debate, and we all invent a new approach; re-imagining systems of education and parenting. To support our children, and ourselves, in the unique talents we offer, is to support the diversity that will bring us to our rightful place of peace and joy on Earth. Embracing diversity is honoring Life’s creativity and expansion. As we learn to listen to our children, we ourselves come back into our lighter more “enlightened” selves.

Speaking of light, Ken Robinson has long been one of my favorite people in the creativity and educational fields. He’s an incredible advocate for listening to our children as they express who they really are. His humor is delightful, and he helps us imagine a world where teaching exclusively to the logical mind gives way to embracing creativity and the whole spectrum of intelligence.

I include this video of him at a TED conference, as an inspiring reminder of what our children have come in to do. His summation is beautiful and simple, “Our task is seeing our children for the hope that they are.” What brave little souls, coming into a world with such a questionable future. For our very survival it seems vital that our children are nurtured to create the best world they can envision. As Gandhi said, “If we are to have true peace in the world, it must begin with the children.

Here’s to a fantastic future.

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

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