One Child Speaks For All of Earth’s Children

I’ve had so many ideas, there are so many inspiring topics I want to open for discussion here. They each offer challenges, and there are always solutions. Creativity is the answer to so much in our lives, that they will often center around how our children grow in ways that continually bring the most healthy and open-minded answers and avenues to transformation.
I was so impressed with this 17 year old girl from New Zealand and her clear, powerful, and heartfelt message to the Rio+20 Earth Summit, that I felt it was worth sharing this first. This is under 5 minutes long, yet it’s effect may be forever. If our we and our leaders listen.
Here is the voice of an amazing young member of Earth’s future; a soul who is here to translate all of the thoughtful input she brought in this lifetime, and was nurtured with, into motivation for critical change. Conscious evolution in process, our children truly amaze me.

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