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I feel like the ad for the Bose speakers where a guy in an easy chair is sitting, hanging on to the arms for dear life, hair blasting back as though he’s going somewhere at warp speed. Really, he’s only listening to to the Bose speakers being advertised. It’s such a great story without any words. So as I sit with my hands on the armchair hoping to slow time down, I realize that so many stories have crossed my thoughts to share here and none of them are penned. The stories will follow, and though my next blog will list the categories that really move me and that I’ll be including here, it’s become clear to me that of all of the messages I feel so compelled to share via story, my real passion is for story itself. The incredible, indelible memories of shared connection that we keep all of our lives when we actually sit with a loved one who shares a story; of their lives, experiences, imaginations, or someone else’ story. It’s the personal connection we have together that makes story so special and important.
My time traveling this summer has been far from warp speed. In fact it has been a real delight relaxing in such wonderful areas as Colorado’s Rocky Mountain towns and now in the NW, Portland Oregon to Vancouver BC. as I share the books with those of you in these areas. I’m connecting in ways that offer the greatest satisfaction. Person to person, story to story. Thanks for being you :}

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